We are looking for partners

We want to expand the circle of masters satisfied with professional manicure tools in Lithuanian cities and other countries.Therefore, we are looking for partners who want to uncover the unique features of PNS Cosmetics to the world together with us, and to give the opportunity to discover this brand to the highest quality audience.

Do you want to be our partner?

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We offer only mutual benefits

We appreciate not only our customers who are creating comfortable, high-quality and satisfactory products, but we also focus on our partners.Our partner is worth becoming because:

We are always ready to negotiate the best conditions for cooperation

Fast delivery of products

We provide the opportunity to make the maximum

We constantly communicate with our partners and consult them

We make the products available at the best price

We participate in the events organized by our partners and support them

We offer additional discounts

Under agreement, we carry out various types of training in partners’ cities and countries

If you want to trade PNS Cosmetics with manicure in your city or country, contact us by phone +37067342106, by email euprofcosmetic@gmail.com please fill in the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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