Manicure school

The idea of establishing a manicure school was born by itself. We realized that it was time to share our experience and knowledge, which we have accumulated over many years of working in the nail industry, with others. And so in 2010 a manicure school named "Elena Luchinkina nail school" was founded. True, in another country.

Since 2014 she started her successful path in Lithuania. And in a relatively short time, our manicure school has sent more than 4,000 manicure masters to the world, most of whom have become successful specialists in this field and even managed to prove their professionalism by winning prizes in international championships.

We have released more than 25 proprietary programs and methods that our manicure school is really proud of! They helped our students discover themselves in the field of nails. We are happy that we managed to raise so many strong manicure professionals, for whom our nail courses not only became a starting point, but also encouraged them to start their own business in their own beauty salons.

"Elena Luchinkina nail school" manicure school takes an active part in preparing masters for international championships of various levels and represents the Lithuanian team, which appears very successfully in them. The Lithuanian team was recognized as the best more than once. All this is due to the fact that the works of our team stand out for their originality and therefore compete strongly with other countries.

We don't teach to memorize, we teach to think and see - this is our motto, which Elena Luchinkina nail school is guided by every day. Our students are not ordinary manicure masters. They are able to analyze and understand their every action, so they are very good at what they do.

Why is this manicure school worth your choice?

Training is conducted by experienced specialists. "Elena Luchinkina nail school" manicure school unites only experienced and carefully selected instructors who can boast not only many years of experience in this field, but constantly improve their knowledge and have several awards for participation in international competitions.

Individual approach to each program and student. Our goal is to raise specialists, so we pay special attention to them and the realization of their needs. It doesn't matter what type of course is taking place - individual or group, we always try to answer all the students' questions and are ready to repeat certain actions specified in the program as many times as we see the need. We want this manicure school to fully satisfy the needs of every future and existing specialist.

Long-term and high-quality development of the learning process. Our friendship with students does not end after they receive their certificates. We are in favor of long-term relationships, so even after the courses we try to answer students' questions and give them the opportunity to further develop in our manicure school or get quality information in a closed Facebook group.

Variety of training programs.Our manicure school is intended for everyone: both those who want to learn this craft and experienced masters who seek to improve their qualifications. Therefore, at our school you will find many training programs on different topics. What's more, we always aim to make the course suitable for the student's level, so we contact each student personally before the start of studies.

Individual or group sessions. "Elena Luchinkina nail school" manicure school gives everyone the opportunity to choose the way they will be taught. It doesn't matter what topic our students are interested in, they can always choose how they want to take the course: individually or in a group.

Small groups. In order to ensure efficient work, we only collect small groups of future specialists during training. This allows us to more easily get to the needs of each student and help everyone understand the course topic from beginning to end.

Instructors of Elena Luchinkina nail school manicure school

Elena Luchinkina

" Elena Luchinkina nail school international manicure school is a place that I founded in order to share my experience and knowledge with others. I have been working in the field of manicure for 18 years, of which I have been a manicure instructor for more than 8 years and I teach one of the most popular courses at this school: "Basic manicure course", "Basic nail extension course. Level 1", "Basic nail extension course. Level 2", "Nail extension. Creative shapes. Level 3", "Nail correction", "Nail extension and correction with upper nails extension forms", the nail design course "Thin lines" and "Competitive preparation for championships". Not only that, I am a certified judge and instructor of international competitions and a multiple prize winner of international championships. I am also one of the founders of PNS Cosmetics and the owner of the beauty salon L.Studio ."

Diamond league 2019 championship 1 vieta „Best School“ Grand Prix laimėtoja. 2019 m. „Global Beauty Cup Finland“ 1 vieta „Team Cup“. 2020 m. „Golden Brush 18“ 1 vieta „Team Cup“. 2020 m. „Challenge nails 2020 online championship“ 2nd place Team Grand Prix. in 2020 "To be the Best for the Best" 2 vieta „Team Grand Prix“. Graikija. 2021 m. „Golden Brush 19“ 3rd place Team Grand Prix. in 2021.

Bozena Kudzma

" I have been working in the field of nails for 4 years now and at Elena Luchinkina nail school I teach nail design courses such as "Aquarelle" and "Multi Pulti". I really love what I do and I give myself 100% to my work! I like to experiment by creating different things new designs, which this manicure school gives me the opportunity to share with people who want to start working in the field of nails. During the four years of working in this sphere, I managed to do a lot of competitive work and participate in many championships, where I managed to win prizes."

fantasy nails 1 vieta Bergenas, Norvegija. 2020 m. „Auksinis teptukas“ - kategorija Master 1 vieta „Nagai iš plakato“. Ukraina. 2020 m. „Auksinis teptukas“ - kategorija Master 1st place "One nail". Ukraine. in 2020 "Estonia global nail cup" - category Master 1st place First plan fantasy nails. Estonia. in 2020 "Estonia global nail cup" - category Master 1 vieta „First plan fantasy nails“. Estija. 2020 m. „Lietuvos meistro premija“ 1 vieta „Auksinės rankos“. 2020 m. „Master fantasy nails“ - kategorija Master. 1 vieta Suomija. 2020 m. „Creative nails“ - kategorija Master 1 vieta Suomija. 2020 m. „Nail Championship Athens“ - kategorija Profi 1st place "Poster Fashion". Athens, Greece. in 2020 Olymp nails Greece - category VIP Master 1 vieta „Fashion style“. Graikija. 2021 m. „Fashion art“ – kategorija Profi 1 vieta Jungtiniai Arabų Emyratai, Dubajus. 2021 m. „Plakatas fantasy nails“ – kategorija VIP Master 1 vieta Bratislava, Slovakija. 2021 m. „Plakatinis nagas“ - kategorija Master 2 vieta Baltarusija. 2020 m. „Auksinis teptukas“ - kategorija Master 2 vieta „Poster fantasy“. Ukraina. 2020 m. „Plakatinis nagas“ – kategorija Master 2 vieta Minskas, Baltarusija. 2021 m. „One nail in focus“ 3 vieta Bergenas, Norvegija. 2020 m. „Nail Championship Athens“ – kategorija Profi 3rd place Christmas poster. Athens, Greece. in 2020.

Erika Stacino

I am a pedicure instructor at Elena Luchinkina nail school. I have been working in this field since 2014. During these years, I managed a lot: I completed almost all the training programs that are held at this school, I successfully established myself and work in the field of nails, teach the secrets of pedicure and regularly participate in international championships."

"Diamond League" - category Junior. Nomination "5 shades" 1 vieta 2020 m. Norvegija „Nail League“ - kategorija Junior. „Avangard“ 1 vieta 2020 m. Lietuva „Zalotaja kist“ - kategorija Junior. „Inlay on the object“ 2 vieta 2020 m. Ukraina „Zalotaja kist“ - kategorija Junior. „Avangardinės formos“ 1 vieta 2020 m. Ukraina „Challenge Nails“. „Inkrustacija“ 1 vieta 2020 m. Kipras „Global Beauty Cup Finland“ - kategorija Master. „Extreme Nails“ in 2020 Finland Global Beauty Cup Finland - category Master. "Inlay" in 2020 Finland "Lithuanian master" - category Master. "Inlay" 1st place in 2020 Lithuania "Estonian Global NAIL cup 2022" - category Master. first plan 2 vieta 2022 m. Estija „Nail championship Athens“ - kategorija Master. „Anangard Nails“ 2 vieta Graikija „Briliant cup International championship“ - kategorija Master. „Inlay on the object“ Dubai