Privacy policy

The website respects its customers and their privacy and therefore is made every effort to ensure that the personal data submitted are fairly and legally saved and processed.In this Privacy Policy you will find all the necessary information related to the processing, storage, collection and use of the data of our online store customers and visitors.

In the processing of personal data, we follow the Directive 2016/679 of the European Union on Data Protection.The terms and conditions set in the Privacy Policy apply to you every time you want to access our content, regardless of the device you use.If you disagree with the terms and conditions set out in this Privacy Policy, please do not visit our website and do not use the content.

The Privacy Policy will enter into force from 2021-10-20.

Your Personal Data Manager

PNS Cosmetics Lithuania, Gabia g. 32, Vilnius, tel. +3706 734 2106, e-mail:

Data collection and disclosure

In order to complete the order, we are obliged to collect the following data: your name, name, contact telephone number, e-mail address, delivery address and method, your payment method.These data will be used and pedured only to the persons responsible for the delivery of your goods to the address indicated and to the authorized payment systems that will direct you to the bank.

In order to improve and improve the work of the e-shop, we collect visibility statistics, use Cookies and collect your e-mail addresses for sending newsletters.

Statistics of website visibility

To monitor the visitor statistics we use the Google Analytics tool.This tool helps us to improve and target our activities in line with the criteria of visibility that are important to us. Google Analytics captures the following statistical and demographic data that are important to us: the visibility of the online store, the number of unique visitors, the most visited internal pages of the online store, what is the web rejection indicator, how long visitors browse the site, what devices and browsers they use, from what region they are.

We collect and monitor this type of data so that we can better understand customers, their needs and offer the products that are most relevant to them.Google Analytics helps us to grow and improve our business.

Want to learn more about Google Analytics?Find information about this tool:

Do you want to refuse this data collection function?You can disable it at any time as indicated

The Cookies (Cookies)

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your device.They record your actions and store your visits and help us identify you as a visitor to the site.This file is reviewed once a visitor repeatedly visits the online store with the device in which the cookie is already saved.

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are used to ensure the proper functionality of the e-shop adapted to the needs of the customer and a more convenient use of the site.

What cookies do we use?



Time of life



This cookie is installed by Google Analytics and is used to count the number of visitors, the number of visitors and the number of campaigns.

2 years

Data Analysis

by gid

This cookie is installed by Google Analytics and it saves information about how visitors use the online store.

1 day

Data Analysis



20 days


by gat

It restricts the frequency of requests and restricts the collection of data in high-flow online stores.

1 minute



Can we refuse cookies?

Yes .Any visitor to the e-shop can at any time refuse the use of cookies and delete them in the browser settings.However, we do not recommend this because the deletion of cookies may damage the functionality and adaptation of the online store to your needs, so cookies may need to be re-installed.

The News

For marketing purposes, we collect your email addresses so that you can first learn about and take advantage of the online store’s shares.

You can at any time refuse newsletters or find out if you have ordered them by writing an email by email

Storage of your personal data

Your personal data is stored to the extent necessary for the purposes listed in this Privacy Policy to be fulfilled and developed.Data about you may be stored not longer than the lifetime of the online store.

Your consent

By using our online store you agree with this Privacy Policy and agree that the personal data provided in the online store will be used for ordering and marketing purposes.You also agree that your personal data will be transferred to our partners who are responsible for the delivery and payment of goods for them.

By submitting your personal data, you agree that has the right to collect, store and process your data in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

Your rights

You have the right to know what your personal data and for what purposes we use, store and process them.To obtain this information you can contact us at any time by email

You also have the right to disagree with our Privacy Policy without using our e-shop or to contact us personally for the deletion, modification or non-use of your personal data for marketing purposes.Your request to delete the personal data you submit to our e-shop is not valid only if we are obliged to retain them under law for administrative, security or legal purposes.