PNS Cosmetics

PNS (Professional Nail System) is a brand designed by us for those looking for professional manicure and pedicure tools at an affordable price and appreciating their quality and comfortable work with the tools.The perfect texture and high quality of the tools adapted to a variety of needs enables you to perform a perfect manicure that keeps perfect even for a few weeks without completely changing your original appearance!

All products of this brand meet the European Quality and Safety Standards, and they are highly responsible for testing before entering the market.

The PNS Cosmetics range consists of: gel lakes, gel, polygel, such additional tools for gel lakes as the lower and upper layers of gel lakes, a variety of auxiliary fluids, nail enhancement formulas, manicure and pedicure instruments, nail decoration instruments, gel plasticine, lubricants, dildes and other instruments.


PNB (Professional Nail Boutique) is an American trademark that focuses on the composition of the products and follows the “7 Free” formula, i.e. in PNB products you will not find formaldehyde, formaldehyde dervas, dibutilftalate, kampar, toluene, xylene and metacrylic acid.Therefore, this brand can be used for people with allergies.

In addition, this company is constantly improving the product composition and follows innovation.

The PNB range consists of such tools as gel lakes, nail bases and tops, gel, gel paint, nail decoration tools and more.


VALERI is a manufacturer of gel lakes from France.The gel lakes of this brand have already been able to conquer the heart of a lot of Levi's manicure and pedicure masters, as VALERI gel lakes stand out in their high quality, smooth colors and extremely attractive price!

Silver Star

Silver Star is a Russian trademark that produces a variety of tools for manicure and pedicure, such as folders or folders for nails and leather, etc. This trademark over 20 years of its lifetime has been able to earn the respect of most manicure and pedicure masters and improve the quality of the instruments produced.The tools are made of stainless steel, so they are extremely durable and remain sharp for a long time.

The extinctivity of this brand is the combination and galanting of tools by hand.


Ferroplast is one of the market leaders specializing in the manufacturing of devices for disinfection and sterilization.

This brand range consists of hot air sterilizers for manicure and pedicure tools.