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PNS lakes are designed for manicure and pedicure masters who prefer the quality of materials and their convenient use.A rich color palette will satisfy even the desires of the most selected customer, and the maintenance of the gel lakes from correction to correction will just be astubbing!

These are professional gel lakes that get out of competitors with excellent pigmentation and perfect consistency, making them very convenient to use.These PNS lakes will unmistakably cover the nail with a uniform layer of gel lak, which will not reach the edges and will not collapse during polimerization.Most often, just one layer of this professional gel lak will be enough and the nails will be covered with a sharp and expressive color!

Although the color selection of PNS lakes, as mentioned above, is truly abundant, the manufacturer does not limit it and continuously adds its available color palette with new colors, so continuously follow the latest news about the product supplementation on our Facebook account.

PNS lakes: how to use them properly?

You want to try these gel lakes, but don’t know how to do it right?There is a question, why should PNS lakes be worth your attention?We can answer all your questions and help you understand the architecture of the nail and how to correctly perform the gel laking!Visit the category »manicure coursefind the most suitable courses for you!

If it still happens that you do not find the appropriate courses, please contact us in the contact section and we will adapt to your needs and offer the most suitable training program for you.

PNS gel polish Stardust 036, 10 ml
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