0129 DNKa Gel Nail Polish, 12 ml
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0129 DNKa Gel Nail Polish, 12 ml

DNKA' GEL POLISH COLOR FOR NAILS DNKa' Gel Polish Color is a collection of gel lacquers that lie flat, perfectly drying, durable, easy to apply, self-leveling on the nail plate, easily soluble, not conflicting with other TMs. There are 137 Soft Touch velvet jars in the collection. Volume: 12 mlAPPLICATION TECHNOLOGY: A degreasing agent is applied to the baffled surface of the feet. Apply DNKa Ultrabond acid-free primer for additional adhesion. Apply DNKa Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp - 60 seconds (or in UV lamp - 2 minutes). Apply DNKa Gel Lacquer, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes). Cover with DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy or matte effect.
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