• 0068 DNKa dengiamoji bazė 30 ml (mėlyna su daugiakampiais)
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0068 DNKa dengiamoji bazė 30 ml (mėlyna su daugiakampiais)

Universal camouflage bases of premium quality. Ideal innovative formula in the bases allows to cover the natural nail plate well, dries well. The bases are easily self-leveling and comfortable to work with, reducing the duration of the procedure. The consistency is medium density (closer to lower) and medium hardness. Perfectly distributed on the nail plate and create a flawless shine. Do not shrink during wear. They have good adhesive properties. Do not spread and provide durability without peeling and chipping for 3-4 weeks. Color navigation is already on the cans. The palette contains only trendy shades: sultry reds, flawless nudes, unforgettable bright and shining shimmers. Volume: 30 ml Ingredients: di-hema trimethylhexyl dicarbamate, hydroxypropyl methacrylate, hema (hydroxyethyl met

18,00 € (su PVM)20,00 €−10% 18,00 € (be mok.)
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