Glitter Galaxy Glitter, nail decor |

Glitter Galaxy Glitter

Create bright nail designs with the bright Galaxy Glitter! These brilliants will remind you of the glowing stared sky in which you can discover millions of different sizes of acts.

The indoor of this nail decoration tool contains a number of brilliants of different sizes, which change the color depending on the angle of viewing.The lightweight Galaxy Glitter will give your nails a bright and perfectly decorating.They can be used both on the gel and on the gel.

Blind Galaxy Glitter: how to use them?

The Galaxy Glitter brilliants are recommended to be folded on a layer of untouched gel or gel lak so that the tool fits well.Then the nails are mixed under a LED lamp to dry a layer of gel or gel lakes.Later, the gel lack top is worn, which is also dried in a LED lamp.