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Nail extension forms

Nail enlargement is a procedure during which natural nails are extended by enlargement of nail enlargement formulas and acrylic, polygel or gel.Increased nails can be of a variety of shapes and lengths.So this is a great solution for those women who dream of long, strong and light nails.

Using professional nail enlargement formulas you will be able to easily and conveniently perform nail enlargement and give the nail the desired shape and the appropriate length.In our range, you will find high-quality additives for nail boosting formulas and two types of same boosting formulas – the lower and the upper.

What is the difference between the lower and upper nail boost formulas?

The formulas for lower nails are universal – with them you can extract various shapes and choose the length of the nails you want to increase.These formulas are attached under a natural nail, and the distribution of the materials for strengthening on them gives the nail the desired length.

The formulas for the lower nails are really comfortable, but most often the nails for this way require more heating by giving the nail a perfect shape.

As for the upper formulas, the work with them is faster and more convenient as they are fixed on a natural nail and require a minimum dilution, which reduces the time of the procedure.Forms are also no longer required as such a formula is used, what forms are desired for the nails.

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PNS square-shaped upper nail extension forms, 120 pcs
The upper multiplication formula PNS is square. From now on, growing nails can be much easier

PNB Clear-Pro lower nail extension forms, 100 pcs
Clear-Pro“ nail growth form Perfect for any type of simulation material

PNS oval top nail extension forms, 120 pcs
From now on, growing nails can be much easier

PNS clamp for upper forms
Presses/caps for upper formulas. It safely fixes the upper shapes and simplifies the nail growth process.