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Manicure courses

Elena Luchinkina nail school - a place to pick those looking for quality and professional manicure courses.The training is conducted only by instructors with years of experience in this field, who are constantly participating in international competitions and improving their knowledge both in Lithuania and abroad.The manicure courses prepared in our school are intended for those who want to learn the subtlety of the manicure/pedicure master, to improve their techniques and to raise qualifications or prepare for international championships.

Manicure courses and their materials are prepared in line with the needs of our school students and the current trend in manicure and nail design.All information provided during the course is thoroughly selected and structured, so students will receive accurate and detailed information on the subject of the course.In our school you will find a very wide list of courses, so everyone – both those who have no experience, and those who have recently started their way, and those who have many years of experience – will find what they are looking for.

You will find us neck courseswhich take place live in Vilnius at Gambia g. 32, and online coursesonline with or without an instructor.In addition, each course can be conducted in both small groups and individually.Therefore, we leave you the right to choose the most convenient training option.

With us you will find such training as: nail enhancement courses, individual manicure courses, nail art training, basic manicure courses, fast correction courses, nail aquarella design courses, hardware manicure courses, preparation courses for international championships and much more!After the training, all of our school students receive certificates that confirm that the chosen course has been heard.

Registration for manicure courses

Anyone who wishes to participate in our courses must first register by filling in the registration form.Upon filling in this form, we will contact you through the contact you specified, examine your needs and confirm your registration.

Free manicure courses

We continue to carry out free courses, share our experience and the subtles of the work of a nail specialist on our Facebook and Instagram accounts.We conduct direct broadcasts, which are later stored on our accounts, and continuously share free learning, so our social networks accounts followers can get a lot of free useful information that they can later adapt to their work.

For free lectures and free learning information, look at our Facebook account.”Elena Luchinkina nail schooland on Instagram account “@elenaluchinkina_nailschool“ .


1.Can manicure courses be conducted individually?

Yes .You can listen to any of our training programs individually.

2nd.How many people are in group courses?

We focus on results and aim to raise specialists, so we work in small groups.It consists of a maximum of 4-5 people.

3.When do individual manicure courses take place?

The target time of the individual manicure courses is coordinated with each desiring individually.

4 .What do manicure courses do?

Theory is always in the Lithuanian language and practice in Lithuanian and Russian.

5.What tools do you need to have with you when entering the course?

Manicure courses, which are carried out live, are conducted with professional nail care tools from PNS Cosmetics.Each of our students uses all the materials and equipment required during training completely FREE!You only need to have your own personal instruments, which can be brought in advance or purchased at the PNS Cosmetics store with a 10% discount.The list of necessary instruments depends on the course of the nails.The list is sent after confirmation of student registration.

6.How long does training last?

The courses start at 9 or 10 a.m. and usually last up to 18 a.m., but their duration may also depend on the complexity of the course and the ability of the student himself.

7.Do you need to find your own models to perform practical tasks?

Yes, it is desirable if the models are found by the student himself.The best thing if they were a student’s close, friends or other trusted people who would definitely come and don’t take the last moment.If it does not happen that you can’t find a model from the nearby circle, you can try to find them in Facebook groups, for example, in the “Required Models” group.

Models must not only be responsible, but also meet certain requirements.Requirements are shared immediately after the student’s registration for a particular course.

8.Can the model be a person working in the field of manicure/pedicure?

Yes can.However, the model will have to pay 50% of the course amount.

of 9.Is there a lunch break during the course?

Really so.Often we order food from the nearest restaurants, but you can bring food with you.At the place of training you can make coffee or tea.

of 10.Is the advance recalled if the student does not appear in the courses?

The advance is refunded or transferred to the next date only if the courses do not take place due to the organizer's fault, if the non-participation is notified not later than 20 days before the scheduled course date or if the student finds a person to attend the courses instead of him.In other cases, the advance is not returned.

Nail design courses "Plasticine. Volumetric flowers"
Are you interested in volume compositions? Or do you just want to learn how to apply plastic because your first attempts failed? This course in nail design will help to solve these problems and introduce you to a very versatile manicure tool – plasticine. With which you can create incredibly beautiful 3D compositions.
Basic pedicure courses "Two techniques - combined and machine pedicure"
Do you want to learn how to perform a perfect pedicure and start your career as a pedicure specialist? Or are you looking to expand your list of services to include not only manicures but also pedicures? Then these basic pedicure courses - two techniques - combined and hardware pedicure - can be the start of your journey! In just one day, you will be able to learn all the intricacies of a pedicure, learn new pedicure techniques, and delight your prospective or existing clients with a flawless pedicure!
Online courses "Secrets of perfect photos"
You keep trying to photograph your manicure or pedicure perfectly, but no matter how hard you try, the result is disappointing and you keep asking yourself how to photograph your nails beautifully? Then this online a course on how to photograph your work perfectly is what you need!

Nail extension courses "Extension and correction. polygel"
Do you want to learn how to do nail augmentation and correction? Would you like to learn how to control a polygon and test its unique abilities? Then nail augmentation courses „ Cutting and correction courses. Polygon is just what you need! During these sessions, we will share with him all the secrets of working with a polygon, and we will teach him how to grow nails and correct them.

We think once you try the polygon, you'll love it!
Nail design courses "Lace, monogram and veil (thin lines). level 1"
Increasingly, your clients want you to draw thin lines on their nails, but you can't? Do you want to paint them with the latest designs? If so, then we have a new programme for you: „Nines, monogram and shield. level 1 “ – in which you will learn to draw perfect thin lines!
Online nail extension courses "A master is worth a million". Increase"
Do you want to know the secrets of getting your nails up?Or are you looking for high-quality and accurate online information about nail enhancement? Then these nail enhancement courses “Master is worth a million.“Supply” is exactly what you are looking for!You are waiting for theoretical and practical video lessons, charts, PDF files, additional lessons that will help you establish in this sphere, and a lot more useful information.Because this is not just another online nail enhancement course, it is a well-thinked and hundreds of times practically implemented system tobul the perfect result.
Nail extension courses "Nail modeling. Cast French. level 2"
Do you do nail augmentation, but want to improve your skills and learn how to do it quickly? Or maybe you've already taken our Level 1 nail augmentation course and want to do more? Then the course of nail growth is nail modeling. He's a French guy. level 2 is what will make you love growing nails even more and learn how to do a perfect french manicure!
Manicure courses "Intensive manicure in 2 ways and gel polish"
Do you want to learn how to do a professional manicure? Knowing the intricacies of this craft? Or would you like to improve your skills and learn how to do a manicure? If this is the case, we invite you to listen to and learn from the manicure courses IntIntensive manicures in 2 ways and gel lacquering“. These courses will no doubt be the start of your new life as a manicurist!

Nail Design Courses "Quick Salon Designs"
RENEWED PROGRAMMEDo you feel that designing nails is your weakness? Do you want to learn as many nail designs as possible quickly and at the same time and offer your customers more than just monochrome gel polish or nail augmentation? Is that right? So this course is exactly what you're looking for! In just one day, you'll be able to create a variety of fast-paced designs that will delight customers the next day!
Nail design courses at Multi Pulti
Are you a fan of Disney cartoons? Or do you want to delight your customers with playful nail designs? Then it's time to sign up for the Multi-Pulti nail training course and learn how to draw Disney characters and more! After all, adults enjoy cartoons and their characters as much as children do.