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Dust collector

The dust collector that ensures the purity of each procedure and guarantees the health of the master and his client is an electrical device that must be used every time a manicure is performed.It perfectly collects dust by heating nails or by performing artificial materials formed during a hardware manicure, such as gel lakes, geles, polygels, acryl, etc., which sometimes can be extremely harmful to health.Also, the dust collector reduces the dispersion of dust in the room, which will not only ensure a more hygienic working environment and will not contaminate the items around the master's desk, but also will not contaminate the later wrapped gel lack or other means with dust.It is enough to just turn the device on and it will do all its work in a quality and uncomfortable manner.

Dust collector: how to choose it?

Dust collectors can be the most varied ones themselves: different shapes, colors, power, inserted or supported, with multiple use or single dust collection bags, etc. But how to choose a dust collector so that you can later lose regret?When choosing this electrical device we recommend taking into account the following features:

The capacity. This is a very important factor that should be considered when choosing a dust collector, as it depends on how well it will absorb the dust that occurs during the manicure.The greater the number of watt, the more powerful and stronger the dust collector will be.

The dimensions. Before buying the dust collector, consider its dimensions.The installation or installation of this electrical device should not harm the comfort of work.On it should be pleasant and convenient to put hands, and the work table using a dust collector should not look overloaded.

Installation or installation of dust collectors. You have to decide which one will be more comfortable for you: a dust collector built on the master's desk or built on the desktop.

Multiple or single dust bags. Before buying a dust collector, consider which option - exchanged or multi-use bags - will be more convenient for you.When choosing a dust collector, take care of his bags!

The dust collectors presented in the e-shop nailschool.com are thoroughly selected according to the best features of these devices, so each is suitable for professional use in the beauty salon.