Nail decor, manicure tools

Nail decor

Forget the boring one-colored nails and bring their design life with nail decoration toolswhich you will find in our e-shop.A rich selection of high-quality and master-tested tools and infinite fantasy – all you need to make your nails look amazing!Let the nail decor no longer be a headache, but becomes a easy and pleasant procedure with a variety of nail decoration tools that are very easy to use and the results are extremely charming!

Our electronic range consists of the following nail decoration tools: mirrors and glowing pigments, a variety of brilliants, Spider gel, carrots, folium, confeti, acrylic powder and crystals for nails.

How to choose nail decor?

The nail decor that looks perfect to the pieces and remains completely to the next correction is the aspiration of each master and its client.Therefore, when choosing nail decoration tools, you need to pay attention to a number of important aspects that can lead to the results and quality of nail design.

First of all, it is worth buying the tools for nail decor only from reliable sellers who can guarantee that the tools are of high quality and truly designed for professional use.

It is also important not only to buy the tools, but also to wonder in advance for whom they are intended, how to use them and what effects with them can be obtained.If you have an example of nail design, but you don’t know how the nail decor was done you can contact us by phone +37067342106 or by mail and we will help you choose the most suitable means to get the desired effect.

In order to make the nail decor not boring, it is worth taking care of several types of nail design elements immediately.Then you will be able to create a lot of unique unfitting designs.

What are the tools for nail decoration you will find with us?

  • Pigments.Pigments can give the nail a mirror brightness, help get the cat's eye effect or cover the nail with hundreds of bright pockets whose beauty displays with sunlight or artificial lighting.
  • Blind.Flowers of different sizes that will cover the whole or part of the nail with untouchable glow.The nail decor with them will be playful.Discover Disco Sparcs, Galaxy Glitter, Space Glitter and other brilliants.
  • The Spider Gel.With Spider gel on the nails, a variety of thin lines, ornaments or geometric figures can be drawn.Also, cover the nail with lines that are similar to the wheels.Depending on the way you choose to use the Spider Gel, the lines may be broken or unbroken.
  • The Nails.Small and subtle forms.
  • The Fole.The nail decoration with a decorative folie to the nail will give metal glow.It can cover both the part and the whole nail plate.
  • Confection to Nails.Different sizes and colors of bright confeti in one package will allow on the nails to create a variety of bright shows.
  • Acrylic Powder.Acrylic powder can perfectly strengthen the nails and give the color a matrix effect.
  • Crystals for Nails.Crystals of different sizes and colors for the creation of shaped shapes.


PNS luminous pigment for nails Silver
it's a wonderful yellow pigment for your nails. The glare produces a striking corrosive effect when exposed to sunlight or when light hits the nails.
PNB crystals Blue
Crystals and the like. High quality crystals for nail decoration
PNB beads 0.6 mm
PNB Pink Gold, 4 g
Metal Beads PNB Pink Gold, 4 g
PNB spider gel White 01
Spider gel PNB is an innovative material for nail design.
Spider gel PNB white
Colour: white
PNS luminous pigment for nails Gold
it's a wonderful yellow pigment for your nails. The glare produces a striking corrosive effect when exposed to sunlight or when light hits the nails.