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Pliers for nails and cuticles

Make a perfect manicure with high-quality clothes for professional use PNS Cosmetics and SilverstarAND !Mthe scratch for the skin is a true assistant to manicure and pedicure masters who appreciate the quality and durability of manicure work and tools.

Discover matte and bright spots for the skin that can be stretched and distinguished by its strength and durability.They are easy to disinfect and sterilize in a hot air sterilizer, so you will guarantee that the procedure will be performed safely and sterile.

In order for the manicure to be performed conveniently and perfectly, do not forget to take care of the manicure spots and the skin detox.

Do you need help with the selection of spots for the skin or other tools for the nails? You can always consult for free by phone +37067342106 or by e-mail can live view and download it for free Gambia, 32 Vilnius.