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Acrylic powder

Acrylic powder is a tool that gives the nail master a lot of opportunities.It can be used in strengthening the nail plate, folding the nail breaks, creating a nail matrix effect, 3D designs or adapting it to creating other nail decor elements.Thanks to this extremely extensive use of the acrylic powder, it is appreciated and used by many professional manicure masters in their work.

The nails covered with this powder are extremely light, thin, elastic and extremely strong.It is for the latter reason, it is often used to strengthen nails or fold nails.

The extensive use of this tool and the development of various design elements.With this preimone, it is easy to create the effect of the matrix nails, to give a particular design element shaped shapes or to use other nail decoration ideas to fulfill.In addition, the acrylic powder does not release any smell, and it is extremely easy to use!

Our e-shop range consists of both colorless and colorful acrylic powder, so you can easily choose the product that meets your needs and enjoy its exceptional quality and extremely long-lasting effect!

How is acrylic powder used?

This powder is used in two ways: the first - when the acrylic powder is simply inflated on the material (e.g. the base or the gel lake), the second - when the nail with an untouched agent is inflated into the acrylic powder.

IT IS IMPORTANT: if acrylicthe powder you use for your customers, do not put the nail in any way into the box of acrylic powderand !Because jto be safe and hygienic to use for all customers, the powder is recommended to peel.