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Crystals for nails

Brightness and elegance shrinking crystals for nails will undoubtedly give you or your customers a bright charmand !Various sizes and colors of brilliant brilliant acts are perfectly suitable for the creation of 3D nail designs, and combined with other tools for nail decoration, you can create truly amazing and impressive nails!These crystals for the nails lighted by artificial light or sunlight are extremely charming, so just a few acts used in the design will tikrai attract the attention of the surrounding.

Crystals for nails: how to use them?

In order for you or your customers to enjoy truly high quality and long-lasting manicure, it is worth paying attention to how crystals for nails are used and attached.Because it may depend on whether the crystal acids will remain on the nails for a long time.

The crystal on the nails is recommended to be placed before the completion of the gel laking or nail enhancement procedure.On the untouched gel lack top, put small glowing crystal acts and then dry the nails in a LED lamp.Repeat the gel lactate is not required.