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Everyone will agree: Dilds for nails are necessary to perform a perfect manicure or pedicure.They can be found not only in the bag of the master of the nail, but also in the cosmetics of every woman.With the help of the nail dild, the shape of the nail can be multiplied and the plate is prepared and dried before the design of the nail.

Heat is present in a variety of colors, shapes, purpose and thickness.However, the most important indicator in choosing them is the thickness, which also depends on the purpose of the dild.

How to choose a nail?

As mentioned above, the most important thing is to take into account the depth.The numbers indicated on the dust nails or on its packaging mark exactly this indicator and determine how many abrasive particles are in a square centimeter of dust.The greater the number, the greater the thickness.

In our online store you can find the following dildes:

  • 80 gr – extremely thick;
  • 100 gr – very thick;
  • 120 gr – gray;
  • 150 gr – gross;
  • 180 gr - medium thickness;
  • 220 gr – average;
  • 240 gr is average.

If the two indicators indicated on the thickness of the nails are called the thickness of the sides of the thickness is different.Strong and very thick dils are designed to remove artificial mass from the nail, and milder suitable for natural nail processing.

You can also find the following numbers: 320 gr, 400 gr, 600 gr, 4000 gr and 12000 gr.As a result of the increase in the number, the dildes are mild, and the highest number means that this dildes are intended for polishing the nails, i.e. giving the nails brightness.

If you choose natural nails over a thick dye you can seriously damage both the nail plate, which can lead to the layering of the nails and the skin itself.

Useful advice:

  1. In order to have healthy nails and they don’t crush, heat in only one direction.
  2. In order to give the nails an oval shape, you need to heat the nails from the center of the edges, and if you want a rectangular shape, heat the nail in a straight line parallel to its growth line.
  3. To protect the skin, before starting to use a new dilde, which is both thick, it is possible for the old dilde to slightly bleach its corners.

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