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Pedicure and manicure tools

Professional manicure tools from PNS Cosmetics – what every master seeking the highest quality results and satisfied loyal customersand !In the store you will find timely-tested manicure and pedicure tools and tools that will help every nail care and design specialist or amateur – both manicure and pedicure performing at home, as well as the beginner of their career in this field, as well as the specialist with a long-standing experience and a wealth of clent circles.

We are pleased to offer you a wide range of products that are constantly growing!In the store you will find everything you may need for perfect nails, as our range consists of manicure instruments, hardware pedicure and manicure instruments, pedicure instruments, narrowing instruments, narrow design instruments, narrow care instruments and other necessary measures for the masters working with the nails.

Manicure tools: advice, how to choose them?

Wealthy selection of goods raises the problem – how to choose the right tools for manicure and not fall among such wealthy selection?We provide a list of tips that can help you choose tools:

  • To perform the manicure and pedicure faster and easier, use a freeze with the required heater.When buying freezers, pay attention to their purpose, shape and from what material they are made.
  • To remove dust that occurs after the removal of the old nail gel, it is possible to choose the built-in or built-in dust collectors.To remove the dust from your hands, use a special scrap.
  • When doing gel laking, it is important to use a nail coating, base, gel lak and top.
  • Boosting the nails is easier with the upper boosting formulas.
  • When purchasing tools for gel laking, don’t forget to fill your suitcase and use a number of tools for nail design, such as Aqua drops, brilliants, diamonds, etc.
  • It is important to take care not only of the appearance of the nails, but also of the skin and the skin of the hands themselves.To do this, use skin alloy and hand cream or lotion.
  • Do not forget to disinfect your toolsand !Comfortable and easy to disinfect them with hot air sterilizers.

If you have questions about which manicure tools are the most suitable for your particular case, contact our consultant by phone, e-mail or contact us with the help of social networks PNS Lithuania Facebook or Instagram on the platform.

Why is it worth buying tools for nails online?

All the tools and tools for manicure and pedicure are worth purchasing online using our e-shop, as here you will find not only the vast selection of goods, which we constantly add with new goods, but you will also be able to benefit from the constantly ongoing sharesand !You will not only save time, but you will also buy professional nail tools and tools cheaper!


DNKa' Asgul Gel 0004 Silk (tube) 30 ml
DNKa Acryle Gel is an acrylic gel for coating, strengthening and repairing the nail plate, as well as for repairing damaged edges or cracks. It can be easily modeled on templates or molds, providing a very natural look and correcting the architecture of natural nails. DNKa Acryle Gel is a stylish collection of colored acrygels, which consists of 8 natural colors. And the durability of the polymer allows you to admire your manicure for a very long time.
fully drying;
soft, self-leveling consistency;
easy to distribute on the nail surface;
has high adhesion properties and rich shine;
does not cause burning during curing.

DNKa' Builder Gel 0005 Charm, 30 ml
DNKa' Builder Gel is a versatile, low-temperature, premium quality modeling gel. It has a medium consistency, evenly distributed and self-leveling. It is very easy to work with.
It can be used in both single-phase and three-phase systems. The stiff gel allows you to create a strong coating, build the correct architecture, perfectly holds the arch and does not deform. Allows you to work without filing.

DNKa' Jelly Gel 0005 Trigger
Strong hard gel with a viscous consistency. Ideal for nail correction and nail extensions, restorations, strengthening square and repairing broken corners. Holds a complex shape perfectly until polymerization, which makes it easy to correct the shape of the nail.
Volume: 15 ml

0005 Marcipanas, DNKa Skystasis akrigeolis, 12 ml
DNKa' Liquid Acrygel - tai skystų gelių rinkinys, skirtas nagų plokštelei stiprinti. Dėl mažo rūgštingumo lygio skystasis akrigeliu yra visiškai saugus nagams. Jis tinka ploniems ir jautriems nagams, yra vidutinės konsistencijos. Jis puikiai išlygina ir stiprina tiek trumpus, tiek ilgus nagus. Nešiojimo metu gelis nesideformuoja ir išlaiko puikų blizgesį iki pat korekcijos. Kad geriau sukibtų su nago plokštele, rekomenduojama DNKa' Rubber Base naudoti kaip pagrindą, užteptą plonu sluoksniu.

DNKa Gel Nail Polish 0005 (beige-peach, enamel), 12 ml
DNKa' Gel Polish Color is a collection of gel lacquers that lie flat, perfectly drying, durable, easy to apply, self-leveling on the nail plate, easily soluble, not conflicting with other TMs.
The collection features 100 Soft Touch velvet jars.
Volume: 12 ml

A degreasing agent is applied to the baffled surface of the feet.
Apply DNKa Ultrabond acid-free primer for extra adhesion.
Apply DNKa Nano Base/Rubber Base/Fiber Base, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp - 60 seconds (or in UV lamp - 2 minutes).
Apply DNKa Gel Lacquer, dry in LED/Hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (or in UV lamp for 2 minutes).
Cover with DNKa' Top No Wipe or DNKa' Top Matt No Wipe, dry in LED/hybrid lamp for 2 minutes (or in UV lamp for 3 minutes) for a perfect glossy or matte effect.

DNKA colored nail base (base) Gambling 002, 12 ml
For use:
1) Prepare a natural nail plate and cover it with a degreaser
(2) Make sure that the soil is acid-free
3)Apply DNKa’ Nano Base / Rubber Base / Fiber Base l60 seconds in an LED/hybrid lamp (2 minutes in a UV lamp).
4) Apply a thin layer or a leveling layer evenly over the entire nail base of the DNA cover
the plates.
5) Hold in the LED/hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (2 minutes in the UV lamp). After that your nail is ready for cover.
6) Cover with top layer It's called DNA Top No Wipe or DNA Top Matt No Wipe. Hold in the LED/hybrid lamp for 60 seconds (2 minutes in the UV lamp).