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Gel polish base (base)

Would you like to keep the gelled laking or nail boosting perfect until the next correction?Would you like to avoid the upgrading of the gelled lak and nail design in just a couple of days? If you answer at least one of the questions “yes”, then professional and high-quality gel base this is what you have long been looking for!

The foundation of gelwho isthe basics of the manicure masters, also called the base, is an instrument that improves the attachment of the nail plate with artificial materials without damaging the nail.Its use extends the wear time of the gel lack and ensures that the carried nail design remains on the nail until the next correction without dissolving and dissolving.

When is the base of gel lack used?

In order to ensure that the gels are properly kept, the foundation of the gel is used for each nail procedurewhen cover the nail with artificial materials, during.In addition, it is important not only the use of this tool and its right choice, but also the preparation of the nail plate and the use of other quality tools.

In order to properly use the base of gel lack, we recommend following the following recommendations for the use of the tool:

  1. And manicure.Manicure is performed, during which the nail is given shape and the skin is arranged.
  2. The Nago.The whole nail (including the nail angles near the skin) is wiped with a mild dilde.
  3. Removal of dust.The dust that appears after the nail swallowing is cleaned with a gentle spray specially designed for this purpose.
  4. And reign.The nail is folded with a specially intended fluid.
  5. The foundation.Nago power is covered with the nail ground.
  6. The foundation of the gel.On the nail prepared for gel laking, the base of gel lakes is wrapped, which improves the attachment of the nail and gel lakes and aligns all inequalities of the nail plate.Only one layer of this tool is enough.After covering, the nails are mixed under UV or LED lamp for drying.
  7. The gels.On the basis of the dried gel lak is placed the chosen color professional PNS Cosmetics, PNB or VALERI gel lak.Then the nail is dry again under UV or LED lamp.
  8. The top layer of the gel.For the completion of the procedure, the nails are covered with the upper layer of the gel and mixed under a UV or LED lamp.
  9. Use of skin and nail oil.After the procedure, the skin and nails should be fed with the intended oil so that the nails look healthy and the skin around them is not dry.

The Basics of Gel

Look for professional cosmetics developers in this category PNS Cosmetics, PNB, DNA and VALERIA the foundations of gel.In it you will find the bases of a variety of capacities, solvents and colors, which you will be able to adjust not only through a simple gel laking procedure, when the nail is covered with a single-colored gel lak, but the bases will be able to perfectly adjust with the French nail design.

Check out our range and find the most suitable foundations for professional use from PNS Cosmetics, PNB, DNA or VALERIA!