Means for gel polish, bases and tops |

Means for gel varnish

The ambition of each professional manicure and pedicure master is to perfectly maintain the next correction of the gel laking or nail enlargement, whose appearance would remain the same as the first day of the procedure.These results help to provide additional measures for gel laking, i.e. the lower layer of the gel lak, also called the base, and the top of the gel lak - the upper layer.

What is the lower layer of gel?

The lower layer of gel lakes (base) is designed to ensure the connection between a natural nail and artificial material, such as gel lakes or gel.This measure ensures that the gel lakes do not get out of the nail and do not swallow.This layer on the nail is applied before the gel lakes.

What is the Gel Lac Top?

The gel lak top is wrapped on the top of the dried gel lak and ensures that the gel lak or nail design does not blurry, does not change its color, does not break down and perfectly shine!

When are these tools used for gel laking?

Additional measures for gel laking should be used during each procedure.They are one of the most important factors determining the quality of gel laking.